I thought in my first ever blog I would tell you all how on earth I went from a paramedic to a canine creche owner .

Back in September 2017, after turning 40, I knew my life had to change. 17 years of shift work was taking its toll. It seems that as you get older it takes longer to recover from the constant change from days to nights. I knew I wanted to be adventurous, start my own business and face a new challenge. I was already in a job that I enjoyed and found rewarding.

On a beach walk with my dog I had what you would call a ‘eureka moment’, Doggy Daycare! I love all animals but in particular I have a huge love of dogs. No dogs phase me, and to be honest the bigger the better. I was once found in a room as a baby with a Great Dane laying over me keeping me safe.


I found Candy, the owner of Suffolk Canine Creche, on the internet – within days had a meeting with her, and decided this was the path I would now take. In March 2018 I left the ambulance service after 17 years…the end of an era.

I should of known my life would end up surrounded by dogs. My YTS work experience back in 1993 involved two weeks at a dog kennels which I loved. I have two dogs at home whom I adore – a 9 year old Mini-Labradoodle and a Westie who is 11. I love the loyalty and unconditional love they show on a daily basis.

I have completed my training with the Canine Creche Group and completed a canine first aid course. I spent 17 years looking after people and I look forward to now looking after your furry family members.

Can’t wait to meet all your VIPs and get to know their quirky ways.

Donna x