Pack Leaders

Pack Leader – Donna White

For the last 17 years I have been caring for members of the public while working as a paramedic for the East of England Ambulance service.  I had progressed up the career ladder by going into management, and had dipped my toes in the water of training, assessing, mentoring and even working as a volunteer for 2 years on a charity air ambulance in Cambridge.  I loved my job, loved the variety, loved meeting different people and loved my colleagues, but then I turned 40 and something changed.  The shift work became too much and I didn’t feel challenged enough anymore. Then, one day in 2017, while walking my miniature Labradoodle with a close friend on the local beach I came up with an idea…Doggy Day Care!  I immediately felt excited and thought ‘is there such a thing?’.  I raced home, did an internet search, Suffolk Canine Creche appeared in the search results, and my journey began.

I love my chocolate Labradoodle called Doodle, (original I know).  She is 9 years old and I can honestly say is my best friend.  She has been with me through the ups and downs of the last 9 years, and is always by my side.  Then I met my partner, Louise, and became a mummy to Roxy too.  She is an 11 year old West Highland White Terrier, with a very different personality to Doodle!  Roxy rules the roost and Doodle learnt from her how to play.  Having two dogs meet at an older age made me realize that dogs can be very adaptable to change and can learn new things even as mature dogs.

At 15yrs old I had a dream of working with dogs.  I did YTS work experience at a dog kennels and I remember my dad asking if I wanted him to build a dog kennels next to his guest house!  Life took me in a different direction, but my love of dogs remained.

So, Lowestoft Canine Creche was born with the help from the Canine Creche Group, Doodle, and of course Roxy. Instead of caring for people I have turned my attention to caring for dogs.  My training at Suffolk Canine Creche has helped me see that dogs can be excited to spend the day in a creche: having fun; making new friends; keeping fit; playing brain games; and relaxing too.

I am delighted to bring this amazing facility to Lowestoft, a place which has been my home for the last 40 years. I cannot wait to meet your four-legged family member, and for them to become part of the Lowestoft Canine Creche family too!